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Packoflex sa was founded in 2005 from visionary people with 25 year experience in the flexible packaging industry.
We are international suppliers of standard and customized extrusion coating materials and the only company in Greece and one of few in Europe which produces materials by extrusion coating. With our high-tech facilities, we have the capability to offer a wide range of multilayered materials to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Today, over 50% of our production is exported to major European countries. We are ISO 22000 Certified.
Our materials comply with the most diverse packing standards, declarations of conformance to food contact regulations issued by the USA (FDA) and EU suitable for the food industry, and also materials for the non-food industry.

We extrude and laminate different polymers like PE, PP, PET, SURLYN, and LACQUER onto paper, film, aluminium foil, paperboard and other materials providing efficient multilayer barriers against moisture, oxygen, grease, odours, and gas diffusion that are used in product areas such as food packaging as well as the pharmaceutical industrial and other industries.

• Made in Europe!
• Buy direct from EU Paper Cup Manufacturer
• Delivery in 3 / 4 weeks
• Single wall, Double wall, Ripple wall paper cups
• All finished products can be made with or without printing
• Custom Printed Paper Cups min order 20.000 pcs
• We work with paper suppliers who are FSC accredited.
• All of our paper cups are made using Stora Enso cupstock board. They are FSC certified, but this certificate is sent upon request.
• Printing is also available through our flexography and rotogravure equipment (with capability for up to 10 colours). All of the production and printing process takes place in our factory.

Packoflex produces a wide range of standard and custom made flexible packaging materials with excellent barrier, runnability, sealability, durability, and printability for the end user. Our goal is to satisfy the specific needs of our customers, with high-quality reliable products in competitive prices.

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